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Our Purpose

At The Mountain of Hope Apostolic, we endeavor to restore hope where it’s been lost or damaged through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through sincere worship, our lives and the Los Angeles community are made whole spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Our vision

To magnify the name of Jesus Christ. To promote the importance of Calvary through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. To preach and continue in the Apostles Doctrine. To evangelize the City of Los Angeles through witnessing, or the sharing of your personal testimony of how Jesus Christ has transformed your life. To promote knowledge and understanding of God’s Word through weekly church attendance and teaching Home Bible Studies. To use the Holy Bible as the standard for blessings, peace, and spiritual growth and development. To display our adoration of Jesus Christ, in praise and worship, through music, dance, and thanksgiving. To have a church that meets the spiritual needs of its members and brings relief and stability to our community. To prepare our members to be ready for the Resurrection of the Church (Rapture).

Our Service

We are located on the campus of Vista Del Mar School in Cheviot Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. We come from various areas in our community and enjoy each person's God-given talents. Come as you are and experience our:

  • Spirit-led worship

  • Anointed preaching 

  • Loving fellowship

The Mountain of Hope Apostolic
Vista School
3200 Motor Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
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